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  • Dogs Trust Malta launch Dog Training Made Easy campaign

    Following the success of this year’s Free for all neutering and chipping initiative, Dogs Trust Malta have launched a new campaign about simple and positive dog training techniques to make life easy and fun for dog and owner alike.

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  • New regulations for selling pets

    New regulations are about to come into force, where it will be illegal to sell cats or dogs without a special trade license. This new regulation will mainly affect kennels and breeders, while people who want simply give away puppies & kittens to good home, can continue to do so without limitations.

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Lists of Malta's dog friendly
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Browse our directory of Malta's
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Malta's canine oranizations,
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Some handy information
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Can you help less fortunate dogs?

Click here to see dogs around Malta and Gozo,
who are looking for their forever home.

If you cannot adopt a pet at this time, consider donating. Click here for list of Animal Rescue and Charity Organizations.

Sponsor a dog or cat!
You can also help by sponsoring a dog through Malta SPCA. Click here for more information.

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Book of the week

OtherEndofLeash Other End of the Leash
By (author) Patricia B McConnell

A revolutionary, new perspective on our relationship with dogs, focusing on "our "behavior in comparison with that of dogs. read more...  
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Video of the week


Calming the Fearful Dog
Relationship Centered Training video clip from Suzanne Clothier. 
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Fun Canine Photogallery

Here are some pics from our fun canine photogallery. See more photos on the Gallery page.

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